The Movement: It Starts With A Song & A Boat

Baladé Black is a radical movement bringing forth, supporting and promoting indigenous wisdom, knowledge and technologies primarily by women of color and indigenous women, as a means to help all of us “go home” as our maestra Cherríe Moraga often instructed. Going home can manifest in many ways, very differently for each of us. But what it always means is: a return to true purpose, to a balanced path, to a socially just, ethical and balanced way of life.

We want to complement the work of other great movements by adding a dimension that builds our lives around the most powerful and efficacious principle of organization: purpose as the deepest articulation of the relationship to self, community, and nature.  We each play a necessary role that must be discovered, nurtured and honored. And it is in seeking to understand the roles themselves that we are most effectively directed towards creative, ever-evolving, balanced and just social systems.


We decided to start by addressing what we consider to be the global root issue: people not knowing who they are or why they are here. Not knowing their purpose, their song. We believe that all violence and oppression ultimately stem from this place. For this reason, we believe that recovering our songs will help rebuild our communities in healthy and sustainable ways. We are working with elder practitioners to provide you with the tools and spaces that will aid in the recovery of personal and communal purpose.


The boat is the vessel, the enterprise, the organization, the system-come-alive by which you manifest that song. We all need a well structured boat with strategic direction. If you’re clear about your song, you can benefit from our boat-building approaches. We are working collaboratively on a system that moves from song to strategy to day-to-day tasks that help you build your boat one plank at a time, in community-- with the tide in mind. We hope to build a network of strategic radical consultants, coaches and entrepreneurs that can guide us in bringing about economic justice, balance and sustainability.

Not to be cliché, but a rising tide does raise all boats - and we’re invested in the Baladé Black tide. Which means…


It doesn’t end here. We envision Baladé Black growing beyond this iteration to have mass-systemic impact through the creative arts, community organizing and empowerment, radical economics, technology, intellectual “property” and the like. “Going home” requires a multifaceted approach that realigns us with our path, with our communities and the natural world in both sacred and mundane ways. So this is just the beginning.

Walk with down deep with us.