Who We Are

We, the project creators, are forever students of queer women of color and indigenous thought, practice, creativity and politic. We are not the first, nor the last. We come from a legacy of teachers. We hold our teachers, and their ancestors, in extremely high regard. Many of them, their wisdom, and their tools will be featured here, directly from and by them.

Samia "Al rayis" Abou-Samra

Co-Founder, CBO (Chief Boat Officer)

Samia is captaining this boat - telling tales and reading stars.

Nia "La Sirena" Witherspoon

Co-Founder, CSO (Chief Song Officer)

Nia is the compass, the music in the sails, providing radical vision and direction.




Will is providing technology support to ensure a good ride.


Interested in collaborating? go ahead, get in touch here.