Find Your Song. Build Your Boat. Take Us Home.

How do we achieve balance and justice?  By deeply understanding our fundamental organizing principle: purpose - the reason we are born and what we are born to do. It is this reason, our purpose, that determines each of our roles in community. And it is by embracing each of our roles, and organizing around our inherent gifts, that we can create balanced and just communities.

How do we address purpose? We must let the most silenced parts of ourselves speak and act. Baladé Black is the song of the silenced. Baladé Black is the boat of the revolutionaries. The never-ending journey of discovery. The water. The dark, the feminine, the queer, the body, the magic, the feared, the fire -- the forsaken power that we deny ourselves. We will only know real change when we let the silence and the most silenced lead us. Yes, lead us ALL. So find your silenced song, the one in your deepest water. Build your boat, the vessel on your journey. And take us home.