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This is a precursor to the 8-part series "At the Crossroads: Finding Your Purpose" by Chief Teish slated to come out in January 2015.

For those planning to work for justice in 2015, we present you:

THE SPIRIT OF ACTIVISM - A free 60 min Online class by Chief Luisah Teish

learn A Spiritual Self-Health Approach to Taking GUIDED ACTION, AVOIDing BURN-OUT and BUILDing COMMUNITY -- so that you can EFFECTIVELY CONTRIBUTE to the movements being called forth at this time. ***This Class includes a TOOL To help you Hear, Decode and Follow your own guiding Mechanisms that lead to right action for social change.*** 


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(This class was held and recorded on January 12th, 2015 -- you will receive a VIDEO recording of that class)


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During Chief Teish’s 60 minute class you will learn about:

  1. Understanding the difference between what needs to be done and what you feel ‘should’ be done (based on your or any other person’s standards)
  2. Getting beyond what you are being impacted by in the world and getting down to what your own consciousness is telling you to do.
  3. Taking guided steps forward that are in line with who YOU are and what YOU are supposed to be doing
  4. Living a just life, while empowering yourself and those around you to do the same
  5. Managing your energy towards efficiency and away from burn-out for best possible outcomes


You will walk away with:

A practical tool for guided-action: a visualization, note Writing and interpretation technique

This tool is designed to allow us to reach deep clarity in times of turmoil and movement building.

The visualization will help shut down mind-chatter so you can hear the guiding voice of spirit clearly. It will get you centered so you can receive the energy and information coming to you.

The note writing will help you understand how to transfer the information you are getting, how you let the notes come out.

The interpretation will allow you to translate the notes you have received into clear and guided action.



The tool that Chief Teish is providing is not a classical meditative technique like Zen or Transcendental. Often times these meditation practices (especially when misunderstood) push you to detach from the world. The visualization or meditation we are going to be doing is designed to empower you to take action - guided action in the world around you. At the core of what Chief Teish presents are universal principles as they have been expressed and preserved through the various traditions of the African Diaspora.



“When I was in college, I thought that what was going to save black people is if we all became social workers. Well, I’m a born artist, but my artistry can be applied to activism addressing issues of importance. Me pretending to be a social worker inside the system would be disastrous. Every time I pretend to be someone I’m not, I can only keep the act up so long... and then I blow it. ”



"I come from the black power generation and we burned the candle at both ends doing our activist work... and we found ourselves burned out by the 90s. We need a sustainable movement, where the people who are carrying the movements are not only changing society but changing it and empowering themselves. This course will shift the perspective from the typical bourgeois interpretation of things to methods that are grounded in indigenous culture.”


“We have a notion that before you even came, you made an agreement to be, do and have -- so you want to always be in the center of the tray of life so that there’s energy coming to you from the earth and the sky and every direction. When you get in touch with that you are in your own center. You’re receiving the right information about who you are and what you are supposed to do. The real question becomes, what is my ashe (my personal power), how is it to be applied, when is it to be applied and how do I evaluate the effects of it in community?”


Luisah Teish: Artist, Activist, Yoruba Chief Priestess.

Luisah Teish is a renowned Yoruba priestess and chief. She has achieved one of the highest orders of chieftancy in the Yoruba tradition and is extremely well versed in multiple indigenous healing modalities. Teish is the author of many books, including the famous and revered Jambalaya: The Natural Woman’s Book of Personal Charms and Practical Rituals, which serves as a resource for thousands of women worldwide looking to develop an indigenous, culturally specific practice. What makes Teish unique is her ability to combine the political, cultural, creative and spiritual in her approach to healing and transforming others.  To her, these identities were never meant to be separate. She is an organizer: in the civil rights era and all throughout her life as a local San Francisco Bay Area social and environmental activist. She danced in the company of the great  Madame Katherine Dunham (1968-71). She has lead massive communal rituals for social change. Luisah Teish is a radical force to be reckoned with and a genius of the African diaspora. She continues to challenge outdated practices and inspire justice where we all need it.



It will have 11 live web classes like The Spirit of Activism (and many more goodies) check it out. 


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