"Blessings. Dr. Luisah Teish has been my mentor and teacher and sister friend for over twenty years. Quite frankly, she threw up a sign in the woods of my spiritual wilderness that said, 'Turn Here.' Her scholarship is impeccable and her dedication, unwavering. She has deeply influenced 5 generations within my own family; and will be included in our family's Ancestral Shrines."

Naeemah Jackson (aka Iyagba Osunkoya Alalade)

Director of Family Programming, Peace Learning Center

"Luisah Teish is the most authentic, skilled, professional person I have ever met who has a direct connection with the sacred, and is able to translate that to any audience. Luisah is the real thing."

Cassandra Vieten

President and CEO, Institute of Noetic Sciences

"At Bioneers, we have been blessed to work with Luisah Teish over the past many years, and consistently find her contributions to be of the highest quality, not only in her storytelling and keynoting, but in the kind of presence and respectful spaces she creates for people to have transformative experiences themselves. She seamlessly weaves wisdom with ritual in ways that feel utterly natural, offers stories in ways that illuminate learning for each person in the room, and engages with audiences of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds in ways that are accessible, authentic and magical. Her gifts as a communicator, spiritual teacher and elder are many, and the presence and intentionality with which she hosts any group are deep and profound."

Nina Simons

Co-founder and president, Bioneers

"Chief Iyanifa Fajembola Fatunmise (Luisah Teish) has been my long-distant mentor and spiritual adviser for many years. There has NEVER been a time when she wasn’t prepared to go the extra mile in order to ensure I received the knowledge needed and/or the tools to enhance victory and wholesomeness. If Chief did not have an immediate answer, she’d research and take care of the situation that had presented itself. One may even say “Chief will not sit still until the job is complete or the situation has settled!!”

I have had some very trying times that almost toppled me, but I always knew if I could just pick up the phone and call Yeye Teish, everything will be alright. My “higher self” knew all I needed to do was to contact her and things would be sorted out. All the love I’ve received from Iya Teish hasbeen unconditional; neither judgments nor condescendence had ever made their way into our cypher. And for that alone, I am truly grateful.

Iya Teish had never been one to sugar-coat anything when it came time for looking at things realistically. She has sat me down and helped me to look at not just the situation at hand but myself as well, in order to locate the needed solutions. I cannot say Chief ever led me astray by using “flowery” words or “popular” statements because she didn’t want to hurt my feelings. She has always taken the direct but balanced approach of helping me get rid of “old baggage” and taught me how to open myself up to me more clearly, in order for me to truly become a better person.

From the first time I read Chief Iyanifa Fajembola Fatunmise’s book ”Jambalaya” twenty years ago, I was not only mesmerized by the information, but extremely proud of a woman who radiated such superior pride and grace. I can truly say she enhanced my “higher-self growth” with the spiritual knowledge/information contained within those delicate but powerful pages."

Chief Iyanifa Jokotifa Amufawuni

CEO, Yoruba International, LLC