We will harness our ancestral gifts inherited generationally. It is important to understand that our familial and cultural inheritance deeply encodes our purpose and path. We cannot run from our ancestral inheritance and responsibilities and the ways in which they shape our purpose. It is through that inheritance that our purpose is refined.

Replenish through nature

We will understand how to draw energy from the natural environment (our primary source of power, our ecosystem) and use it to replenish our selves and our power.

Address Ancestral Wounds AND OPPRESSION

We will locate and ritually release ancestral woundings caused by oppression and self-sabotage originating from family, class and culture. We believe that our personal, ancestral inheritance should be the first place we examine oppression, internalized oppression and self-sabotage-- so that we can effectively address external oppression.


We will develop and strengthen our spiritual intuition and imagination through African-based indigenous practices and rituals -- and examine its relationship to purpose.

Break Free of Limiting Beliefs and Trauma

We will break free of limiting beliefs and personal/collective trauma caused by experiences of generational oppression. No new age offerings currently deal with or admit the depth of trauma caused by hundreds of years of oppression or slavery. To us, dealing with inter-generational trauma is central to true healing and purpose


We will work on manifesting pre-birth PURPOSE -- the one we chose before we came. The one we are made to forget but desperately need to remember