We would like to see Chief Teish complete some of her dream projects (for All our sake):

  • To digitize the 30 years of tapes, and videos of her lectures, rituals and performance.

  • To publish the 30th Anniversary sequel to Jambalaya along with a workbook and set of CDs of songs, prayer, and visualizations.

  • To transform the “Festival of the Bones” into a large-scale multi-traditional ritual that is broadcasted globally.

  • To operate an Ifa/Orisha focused Meditation Center.

  • To manifest the Overground Railroad as an organ of support for global activism. This includes reinstating the Women in White Peace Theater group.

  • To publish best-selling books on Africana Spirituality and have them translated into many languages.

  • To establish Ibukole Estates Library and Gardens, a place where people can come and sit in the garden and read about spiritual matters as well as perform ritual theater.

As Baladé Black we would like to:

  • Add collaborators to our team / create amazing opportunities for creatives
  • Support the next Elder/Teacher project (we do all this work for them pro-bono)
  • Support marginal movements and organizations that need the capital