Here's some…

11 live 90min web classes with Chief Teish

You will get access to 11 (yes we said 11) live 90min web classes with Chief Luisah Teish where she will address your questions, concerns and provide additional guidance (maybe even bring in some guests). In those sessions, we will explore issues that are not covered in the modules and learn how we can enhance our future offerings. These sessions will be available with this offering and happen monthly through 2015, starting in February. All sessions will be recorded and viewable at any time.

And there's more...

8 pre-recorded modules (each module is 20-40 minutes)

Chief Luisah Teish walks us through our ancestral wounds, helps us release our trauma and limiting beliefs and embrace our ancestral gifts and purpose.

5 original audio-visualizations by Chief Teish (as separate audio files for your convenience)

These meditative visualizations will ground, clear, release, replenish and empower.


Each of the 8 modules contains homework assignments, rituals and exercises designed to guide you through the process of trauma excavation and purpose recovery.


MOST IMPORTANTLY: you will not go through this alone (ONLINE FORUM / ACCOUNTABILITY)

THIS IS A COLLECTIVE OFFERING. You will be invited to join an intergenerational online community forum where we can discuss, relate to, challenge and grow each other. We encourage youth, mature young adults, adults and elders to join. Many of the subjects we are addressing are not being talked about in intergenerational contexts. We want to change that.

ACCOUNTABILITY. We know that lots of digital offerings are often difficult to complete -- because there’s no physical support and accountability. We want to create a system of support where we can answer questions, provide guidance, learn from each other’s experiences, understand how we each handle gifts and trauma. This will be challenging for us (as a small enterprise), but we are willing to take the risk and do it because it will greatly impact the community of participants. We hope to expand this offering to include on-site, local visits in the future (maybe the near future).