Find Your Song.

Everyone has one.

Your song = the reason you are here, now, in this body, in this family, in this community, at this time. Your song is personal, political, cultural, creative power. Whoever told you to “disengage” or “elevate” from all that to find your song was, well,  wrong. Your song mirrors and informs all parts of you. Yes, you have one just like that. Maybe someone asked you to forget it. Taught you to shut parts of it out. Or maybe you deny it or misinterpret it to protect yourself - to survive. But surviving is not enough. There’s more to life than surviving. You have a song. A song that is everything - your reason to live. And Baladé Black is our homegrown way of inspiring you to find it. Because we know that living by our songs is where massive change begins. We need your songs. From home. Homegrown. Baladé Black.