Build Your Boat.

Everyone needs one.

Your boat = the platform, the mechanism, the vessel you use to bring your song to life - to us. A good boat takes you home, with strong and clear direction (and good people of course). A good boat follows your song. All the way to the ends of the earth and back. You may build it and re-build it a few times as you refine your song (and that’s to be expected). Maybe it’s a project, an enterprise, a creation. Whatever it is, it is the place where glimpses of your song can be shared with us. Where we can hear you most clearly and learn what you’re here to teach. We need your song-lead boat to revolutionize this place. Baladé Black  is our 120th boat (it floats a bit better than the 119th before it). We need your boat. From home. Homegrown. Baladé Black.