Submissions for Finding Voice: The Virtual Workshop Series

Submission deadlinE: Friday, March 11th @ 11:59pm PST

Name *
I am available on (pick at least one) *
I have an electronic device (phone, pad, laptop etc.) with camera and microphone capabilities *
Submit up to 2 pages of a draft of text that you have created as a result of your participation in this class. All forms of writing welcome (I.E. poetry, essay, songs, plays, fiction etc). Select work (or an excerpt of work) that you feel needs the most work. Copy and paste your text in the box below.
Although Sharon will primarily review the written submissions, feel free to share with us a link to other non-written work (art, music, performance) that was generated throughout the journey of the class or simply in response to the 2 pages you've submitted. We also encourage you to use the Facebook forum to post the same link.