During Chief Teish’s 60 minute class you will learn about:

  1. Understanding the difference between what needs to be done and what you feel ‘should’ be done (based on your or any other person’s standards)
  2. Getting beyond what you are being impacted by in the world and getting down to what your own consciousness is telling you to do.
  3. Taking guided steps forward that are in line with who YOU are and what YOU are supposed to be doing
  4. Living a just life, while empowering yourself and those around you to do the same
  5. Managing your energy towards efficiency and away from burn-out for best possible outcomes


You will walk away with:

A practical tool for guided-action: a visualization, note Writing and interpretation technique

This tool is designed to allow us to reach deep clarity in times of turmoil and movement building.

The visualization will help shut down mind-chatter so you can hear the guiding voice of spirit clearly. It will get you centered so you can receive the energy and information coming to you.

The note writing will help you understand how to transfer the information you are getting, how you let the notes come out.

The interpretation will allow you to translate the notes you have received into clear and guided action.



The tool that Chief Teish is providing is not a classical meditative technique like Zen or Transcendental. Often times these meditation practices (especially when misunderstood) push you to detach from the world. The visualization or meditation we are going to be doing is designed to empower you to take action - guided action in the world around you. At the core of what Chief Teish presents are universal principles as they have been expressed and preserved through the various traditions of the African Diaspora.