"AT THE CROSSROADS: FINDING YOUR PURPOSE" by CHIEF LUISAH TEISH, a radical approach to fulfilling your purpose in a sea of new age fluff.


Sure there’s a lot of fluff out there about purpose… but no one combines the personal, political, cultural, creative and spiritual in their approach to understanding purpose like Luisah Teish. If you’re looking for a radical, personal and transformative tool to help you refine your place and role in the world - this is it.



In this upcoming 8 part series, Chief Luisah Teish takes us on a journey to find, redefine or refine our purpose - why we came here, at this time, in this body.


Chief Teish covers:

  • A Yoruba matriarchal approach on purpose as related to balance, clarity and justice
  • An indigenous perspectives on the relationship between natural elements, ashe and purpose
  • The importance of fire and water in the recovery of purpose
  • The gifts and challenges of ancestral inheritances and the trauma of collective, cultural woundings -- how to embrace the gifts, release the trauma and tend to the wounds
  • A critique and reframing of ‘New Age’ approaches to oppression, personal power, and responsibility
  • The difference between what we know as the "power of attraction" and co-creation
  • A model of cultural exchange that moves beyond cultural appropriation

Chief Teish offers:

  • Visualizations that deepen our relationships to our natural and ancestral environments
  • Exercises for personal and cultural excavation, introspection and self-assessment
  • Rituals for cleansing, protecting and fortifying ourselves and our purposes

You already know what your purpose is?

You are probably right.

To a certain extent, we all know the general essence of our life purpose. Though just like anything, that knowing will always continue to deepen, sharpen. No matter who you are, how old you are or how close you feel to your life purpose, this 8 part series is an opportunity to re-energize, refine  or even redefine the role you are meant to play. Chief Teish believes that your relationship to your purpose, like any relationship, requires constant and continued care.


Why is Chief Luisah Teish's approach radical?

Like us, Chief Teish believes that in order to become the most effective agents of radical change, we must find, honor and fulfill each of our unique purposes. Let’s start by clearing some things up though... 

We are NOT “New Age” - THIS APPROACH IS RADICAL and Rooted

There is so much fluff out there about “finding our life purpose” and we are tired of hearing it.

Why? Because the people talking about “purpose” are too scared to address the systemic violence and power structures that have been created to oppress us (racism, classism, ableism, homophobia etc). Because they are too mainstream to address the intricacies of cultural contexts, ancestral inheritance and how that influences life purpose. Because they do not acknowledge the acts of cultural appropriation and theft committed by the New Age and Self-Development industries.

We are not floating, boundless amoebas - as some would have us believe. 

We are embodied humans. The boundlessness preached by some spiritual seekers is a kind of escape -- one that allows us to get away with ignoring our root challenges. The challenges of having a body and being human. We are complex and intricate creations born into familial, political and cultural contexts that shape us. That fuel us. That empower us. That inspire or break us. That destroy us and allow us to be reborn so we can restructure or re-imagine. We cannot leave our lives behind. We cannot be disembodied in our pursuit of purpose. In fact, it is through deep embodiment and the critical observation of our lives -- and their specifics -- that we can truly recover our purpose. In these human bodies, we are not “boundless.” Yet we are wells of depth. We are wells of power - personal and collective. And the expansion or boundlessness we seek can only come as a result of diving into the depths of our deepest waters: once we understand what it means to be human -- not escape it.

For this reason, we have chosen Chief Luisah Teish to bring you a radical perspective on finding life purpose.

One that takes into account all aspects of ourselves (personal, familial, cultural, political) as important pieces of the journey of discovery. One that is deeply embodied. One that addresses race, class, gender and the like. One that speaks to who we each are and how our very gifts, challenges and purposes are in fact shaped by the ways in which all of these human factors interact in a single body.


Luisah Teish: Artist, Activist, Yoruba Chief Priestess.

Luisah Teish is a renowned Yoruba priestess and chief. She has achieved one of the highest orders of chieftancy in the Yoruba tradition and is extremely well versed in multiple indigenous healing modalities. Teish is the author of many books, including the famous and revered Jambalaya: The Natural Woman’s Book of Personal Charms and Practical Rituals, which serves as a resource for thousands of women worldwide looking to develop an indigenous, culturally specific practice. What makes Teish unique is her ability to combine the political, cultural, creative and spiritual in her approach to healing and transforming others.  To her, these identities were never meant to be separate. She is an organizer: in the civil rights era and all throughout her life as a local San Francisco Bay Area social and environmental activist. She danced in the company of the great  Madame Katherine Dunham (1968-71). She has lead massive communal rituals for social change. Luisah Teish is a radical force to be reckoned with and a genius of the African diaspora. She continues to challenge outdated practices and inspire justice where we all need it.